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Company Profile

Fuyang City, Anhui Province good hope Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, the predecessor of the good child group in Fuyang region production base, we and good boy group cooperation for more than three years, relying on their own management model to improve 7S. Now the company mainly produces children's car safety seats and automotive safety seats, stroller assembly and production, the company's total area of over 50,000 square meters, fixed assets investment of 6,000 million yuan, of which 16 heavy machine (JUKI) flat lock, The company now has a strong design team and management team, and always adhere to the scientific management, excellent quality, perfect service, continue to create classic, and constantly create a perfect service concept, to win Take the majority of customers and friends of the support and reputation, design at the same time, in the pursuit of perfection on the basis of full respect for customer needs, and strive to through our efforts to design a product to customer satisfaction, so that consumers get the market fully recognized. Production and processing of each product through the process: development - design - fabric - playing board - cloth - sealed - on the assembly line - quality inspection - delivery - products out of the cabinet. We are striving to be perfect to ensure first class quality. Now the company mainly produces overseas orders, with foreign well-known companies for more than 5 years, welcomed the overwhelming majority of businessmen to discuss cooperation, the company has the ability to produce all kinds of children's car safety seats and automotive safety seats, the company's goal is to combine scientific and technological innovation and practical The

"Safety seat" brand children's car safety aids, breaking the traditional children's car seat design, using a new design concept, the children's safety products to provide more stringent requirements, compared to traditional children Car safety seats, "safety seats" with a large range of protection, take the center of gravity is low, small size, easy to store and other characteristics, including a series of basket-type children's car safety seats and chassis and children's carts, Seat can be fixed in the rear seat of the car, the basket can be easily removed from the cart or car fixed, greatly facilitate the parents with a baby travel, while protecting the safety of children while also providing children with an entertainment Platform, let the children farewell boring driving environment, fully enjoy the fun of the ride. Our goal is to "popularize children's safety concept and improve children's safety environment".

On July 1, 2012, China formally implemented the National Standard for Constitutive System for Children with Motor Vehicles, which stipulated the installation and fixing requirements of the restraint system on the vehicle, the structure of the restraint system, and the performance requirements and tests of the restraint system Method, is China's first mandatory standard for motor vehicle child seat restraints.

Fuyang City, Anhui Province good hope that the company, at the beginning of its commitment to children's safety supplies design and development, the company adhering to the "integrity, innovation, professional" business philosophy, their quality, and in 2011 successfully launched the "Security Seat "Children's car safety aids, the product" universal children's safety concept, to improve children's safety ride environment "for the purpose of the product once on the market, access to the vast number of consumers and the media praise. Good hope that you are welcome to join the cooperation, the company is willing to pay the world friends, and the establishment of long-term mutually beneficial business relations, and seek common development. "Your satisfaction is our responsibility" is our constant commitment, "to be your intimate and reliable friends, common development, mutual benefit" is our goal.

our perspective:

We must be honest, trustworthy, fair and upright, and will be reflected in all our actions, and we will take full responsibility for what we do. We must strive for excellence, and full of passion in the work, to provide customers with hope that the unique value.

We must continue to innovate, encourage teamwork and the company's open communication. We must be action-oriented, planned, there are ways to do things, according to the fact that data to make decisions.

Our company's purpose: care for children, serving the family.

Our quality policy: innovative quality, the pursuit of excellence speed.

We create the corporate culture: the pursuit of excellence in all the spirit, sense of action, each employee bear the responsibility of the mechanism, with the results to our customer satisfaction.

Our company's products:

We cultivate the staff of the spirit of ownership, to their own posts have a commitment and as their own business to do, like to take action to make the results, and the results responsible. Encounter problems should take the initiative to use resources to win support and to solve him, like to say their own ideas rather than waiting for the instructions of the higher authorities.

Our staff is based on the company's overall interests rather than just consider the interests of individuals or their own departments, our employees honest and trustworthy, law-abiding. Our employees are good coordinators, communicators and team partners. Our staff take the initiative to coordinate with others to complete the task, frank and equal communication, emphasizing the logic of fact, try to meet the needs of customers as their responsibility.

Our products through the national 3C certification, ISO2008 quality system certification and the European Union ECE certification, access to a number of invention patents.



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