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Buy children's safety seats to avoid these three pit

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Now, there are more and more people with private cars, many owners will drive with children travel. However, your car really for the baby who provides a full range of protection? Recently, often see a certain road accident involving child casualties and other similar news. As the majority of the parents of the car faithful, the baby's safety ride without delay, need to attach great importance to! Xiao Bian for you to collect the key five key elements of car safety

First, do not let the children drive their own doors.

Now most of the doors in two sections design: when the door open to 1/3 or so can be fixed, but if not open to a fixed position, the door may rebound. Children strength, open the door if the push is not in place, the door will automatically rebound, so that may be caught their fingers.

Second, do not put too many toys in the car.

If the car is placed with sharp edges or heavier toys, it may be in the brakes and bumps when the injury or hit the child.

Third, do not leave the child alone in the car.

Whenever you do not leave the child alone in the car, high temperature, hypoxia, etc. will endanger the child's life. Keep the trunk at any time, prevent children from entering, and often warn children not to play in the car.

Four, to start the child lock and lock the automatic window lock.

Children's curious nature will make them toggle the door switch and the automatic glass window lift button, which is very dangerous for driving the vehicle.

Five, must let the children take a safe seat.

Many parents are holding a child car. Traffic police department tips, when 10 kilograms of children at 50 km per hour when the car hit a positive impact, due to the role of inertia, and instantly produce 300 kg impact force, in this case, any adult is difficult to hold child. It is also dangerous for children to have adult belts. Seat belt is designed for adults, if tied to the child who, once the vehicle collision, will be leaking to the child's neck, very dangerous.

But you know what? There are 3% of the safety seats on the market is not safe

"According to our experiments over the years, only about 70% of children's safety chairs do not exist security risks." Jiangsu billion Branch Detection Center Manager Liu Qingsong said. The impact of child safety seats consists mainly of the following four points.

Too much protection

Some of the ring on both sides of the protection is too high, the impact of the time, although not easy to bad, but it will cause serious damage to the child's body caused by injury.

Lack of protection

Another failure is the lack of rigidity of the design. In accordance with the provisions of the child safety seat requirements to limit the child's head can move forward distance of not more than 550 mm, so as to be able to protect in the event of an accident. And now many children safe seat can not do this. "

Cushion angle

Formal safety seats should be slightly raised seat cushion, the angle of 10 degrees to 15 degrees is better, otherwise, by the impact of children will slide forward.

Flame retardant properties

According to the relevant requirements of product quality, if a car suddenly burns, the child's safety chair should not be able to extinguish if the burning length can not exceed 100 mm. The detection process found that 20% of the children's seat flame retardant degree of less than the requirements, and some even burn the whole.

So Mom and Dad to buy a safe seat, we should pay attention to see "two standard"

First look at the two signs, there is no '3C' logo, there is no 'ECER44' logo, the two were the State Quality Inspection Bureau and the EU issued, without these two signs of children's safety seats can not be considered. In addition, the purchase, the parents should pay attention to the seat cushion angle, the fabric is obvious smell, the chair of the skeleton feels the surface is smooth, there is no scratches, whether the color is uniform and so on.




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