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Child safety seat three fixed way

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Children's safety seats are commonly used in ISOFIX, LATCH and three-point seat belts in three ways to install, to understand the difference between them and the pros and cons, according to their own car interface and their own situation to buy safety seats are very Big help.

1, three-point seat belt fixed

Seat belt connection, refers to the use of the car comes with 3-point seat belt safety seat fixed in the car seat on a connection. This approach is currently the most common. At the same time, because this connection does not require a safety seat comes with a special interface, all of its versatility is strong, no matter what car, can be installed, and the price of this seat is relatively low, so The choice of most riders.

When using the seat belt connection, pay attention to the instructions in strict accordance with the instructions in the installation, use a period of time after the need to check whether there is loose to prevent the safety seat can not protect the baby's role.

ISOFIX (International Standards Organization FIX) Child Safety Seat Fixing System. ISOFIX is a new standard for the placement of child seats in cars. Its role is to make the child seat installation becomes fast and simple, rigid connection, will be more secure. With ISOFIX child seat can be easily fixed to the car's ISOFIX interface, increase security; In addition, with ISOFIX interface security seats, but also compatible with LATCH interface with the car. So, ISOFIX is the most versatile dedicated interface.

Because ISOFIX is hard-wired, it is easy to install and avoids many installation errors that can cause the seat to fail.

LATCH is the abbreviation of "Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren", which belongs to the American standard, generally appear in the US Department of safety seat models and the US Department of cars. It is the European standard ISOFIX fixed way the biggest difference is that the connection is not a hard link but at the same time hook way connection, and fixed point more than ISOFIX a total of three.

ISOFIX and LATCH are fixed in two ways, LATCH is compatible with ISOFIX, that is, there are LATCH interface can also be installed ISOFIX interface seat, but only ISOFIX interface can not use the LATCH interface child seat (because Missing a fixed point)!

The above is the current child safety seat of the three fixed connection, treasure father mother who can according to their actual situation to buy safety seats.




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