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Common problem

In the daily life of children's safety seat misunderstanding

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Many parents in daily life in the purchase and use of security seats during the existence of some errors, then today Xiaobian to list a few common errors, I hope you parents in the future to avoid.

In daily life, many children's products will be marked on the use of XX-XX-year-old use, age seems to be the only way to choose children's products, many parents in the purchase will be selected according to age, but for children's safety seats , Age is not the only purchase criteria, and height and weight is the most accurate standard.

On the installation of the seat, many people know that the installation of the most secure, because for those two or three years old children, their cervical and other parts of the ruthless, backward installation to better protect them. But with the increase in the height of the child, the back seat to sit up the seat may be very Biequ, the child's legs may have been curled up, this attitude has been not enough security, and in this case the seat is installed Will be more secure.

Some seats on the market to promote the use of a long life span, age span and height and weight of the span is very large, basically from birth to growth, a seat can be satisfied, many parents will think that this product is good, buy a can always use To the child grow up. However, this large-span seat has its drawbacks, in order to meet the use of children of different ages at the same time, the design needs to compromise and trade-off, so targeted is not strong. For parents who often need to travel with their children, it is recommended to purchase in accordance with the growth stage.

Children sitting in a safe seat will have a sense of restraint, so that feeling is not comfortable, if the intermittent use of safety seats, the child will know there is not comfortable, so the use of child seats will be disgusted. Therefore, parents must understand that children's safety seats must be born from the child after the insistence on use, from small to accept the seat of the consciousness and habits, or the child is not you want him to sit on him.

After the purchase of safety seats, many parents think that in accordance with the requirements of the instructions to use the right thing, in fact, they ignore a small problem. Just like our clothes, the safety seat should also be cleaned regularly, otherwise the above will breed some bacteria, the health of the child poses a threat.

Now a lot of vehicles will be equipped with a back row of the original children to increase the pad, it should be noted that the increase in the pad can not replace the use of safety seats in the safety of the seat of the child, the reference height of 115cm children still have Adhere to the use of safety seats, which parents friends must pay attention.

Professional introduction, with his fingers hard to press the surface, if the press is not playing the pit, he is such a material is better, which shows the collision after the seat can be a good absorption of impact force. If you press the immediately after the bounce, then prove that the material will absorb the impact of the impact of the vent out, then in the event of impact, the absorption of the power will be released again, but is not safe.




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