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Improve children safe ride environment

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When the car is holding the child sitting in the back seat. Is not that really going to be a problem? The staff tested the car crash test to test whether the parents used the method to protect the child's safety.

The laborer simulated the child's parents with a weight of about 75 kilograms, and the staff first sat it in the back of the vehicle and secured the seat belt, and then let it cling to the fake baby. After everything is ready, the crash experiment begins.

1, embrace the children's rear collision occurs when the simulated dummy arms simulated baby instantly fly forward. The experts explained that when a collision occurred, if the car hit the steel wall at 30 to 50 kilometers per hour, it would produce a force equivalent to 30 to 50 times its own, a weight of 10 kilograms of children, would produce 300 to 500 kilograms Force, and adults are hard to hold 300 to 500 kilograms of objects.

2, embrace the children in front of a car collision, the car in front of the airbag to start, embrace the hands of adults in the hands of children will give priority to contact the balloon. When the airbag to 300 kilometers per hour speed impact to the child's head, the child will cause a lot of damage.

3, children's adult seat belt Rear car because the seat belt is designed for adults, due to height problems, the seat belt in the child after the body, just in the neck position, once the vehicle collision, in inertia, the seat belt is Easy to leap to the child neck, causing suffocation or broken neck.

The above three ways, not only can not give children safe protection, but may bring more deadly secondary injury.

Use of safety seats to reduce infant mortality by 70%

WHO's global road safety report shows that the use of child safety seats, the baby died due to car accident mortality can be reduced by 70%, children due to car accident death rate can be reduced by 54% to 80%.

How to choose a suitable safety seat for the child?

The first is the seat belt design. It is recommended to choose a 5-point seat belt. 5-point seat belts, and bandwidth and marked "seat belt anti-distortion" of the brand as a priority.

Secondly, look at security details. Seat on the safety seat is one of the core components to ensure safety. When picking, you can repeatedly pull the buckle to see if it is easy to loose off. Unqualified buckle is easy to fall off or break.




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