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Improve children safe ride environment

Common problem

Safety is the most important! Children's safety seats to buy skills!

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Classification of child safety seats

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The classification of child safety seats is divided according to the age structure, according to the age and weight of children are divided into five categories.

(1) newborn to 15 months

This type of safety seat is suitable for infants from newborns to 15 months (or babies weighing between 2.2 kg and 13 kg). Such child safety seats are generally equipped with swingable bottom, and there are handles for hand basket.

Safety is the most important! Children's safety seats to buy skills!

(2) newborn to 4 years old

This type of product generally offers two functions, first for newborns to 9 months of infants, and then changed to apply to 9 months of infants to 4 years old children. Although this seat is not swinging, portable and combined with the trolley function, but can be fixed in the car and can be used for a long time. In addition, this seat in particular on the use of attention to the newborn to 9 months of the baby need to install the seat in reverse; 9 months to 4 years old need to install the newborn. But the installation of two necessary conditions: first children weighing more than 9 kg; followed by children can sit up, the two are indispensable.

(3) 1 to 4 years old

This type of child with a car safety seat, simple design, no front seat so many complex functions, suitable for large children to use.

(4) 1 to 12 years old

This type of safety seat is an interesting combination of products, both for a toddler (age from 1 to 4 years old) prepared seats, but also removable seat belts and direct use of the vehicle comes with seat belt. The drawback of this product is that the 1-year-old and 12-year-olds are physically different, so they are less suitable for smaller babies.

(5) 3 years old to 12 years old

Children after three years of age have a certain body, but also has a certain sense of autonomy. Many parents will choose to let the older children sit directly on the seat, and tied to the original car adult seat belts. And this is actually very dangerous, because even the relatively large children, the body is still delicate, and adult seat belts for children, the position across the body are often on the side, not only can not get the protective effect, and even the child's body cause some damages.

2 Child safety seat type of interface

(1) European ISOfix standard fixed way

ISOfix is the standard configuration of the European sales model, which uses two ISOfix under the caliper fixed, hard calipers strength is very high, to ensure the stability of the safety seat, and because of the use of bayonet docking, installation and disassembly also Very convenient.

Safety is the most important! Children's safety seats to buy skills!

(2) the United States LATCH standard fixed way

LATCH fixed point compared to ISOfix more than one way to solve the top of the ISOfix no fixed problem, and because of non-rigid connection, the seat position for the car seat requirements are more broad.

Safety is the most important! Children's safety seats to buy skills!

Safety is the most important! Children's safety seats to buy skills!

(3) seat belt fixing method

This is fixed with a car seat belt, and any car with a seatbelt can be installed. Domestic sales of many children's safety seats are used in this fixed way, this way does not require a dedicated interface. Seat Belt Child Safety Seat Before installation, clean the foreign body on the seat and place the child's safety seat on the car seat, unlock the five-point seat belt of the child's safety seat, and let the child sit To a safety seat, use a five-point seat belt to secure the child, adjust the five-point harness to ensure proper tightness, and then use the car seat belt to secure the child's safety seat and the child.

Use of child safety seats

First, the child's safety seat must be installed in the rear seat of the car, and in strict accordance with the requirements of the seat installation; Second, do not unauthorized child safety seat or car seat belt design changes, if the installation problem, And distributors or manufacturers to communicate with the coordination of the installation or replacement of other types of products. If you frequently disassemble your child's safety seat, it is necessary to check if it is properly placed after each installation.

Safety is the most important! Children's safety seats to buy skills!

Again, children's safety seat life is generally about 5 years, a long time the use of plastic will be aging, so even if the product is not damaged, the use of more than 5 years of safety seats should be replaced in time to avoid security risks. Also with the increase in the age of children, some long-term children's safety seats also need to change the seat belt fixed way to ensure ride comfort.




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