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Safe car child seat we should choose how

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In recent years, with the development of the domestic economic situation, the family as a unit of car consumers more and more families in the children's car problems become increasingly prominent. According to relevant agencies statistics, China's annual more than 18,500 children under the age of 14 died of traffic accidents, Europe and the United States 2.5 times. This is a large part of the reason is not to children with children with the appropriate seat of the accident, and the current domestic children's seat utilization rate of only 0.1%.

Taking into account the importance of child safety seats, choose a good car child safety seat is imperative, good car child safety seat and the vehicle can be fixed match, and can fully consider the child's body in the impact of the Body force situation. In recent years, domestic and foreign types of car children's car safety seat brand mushroomed, filled with the entire car child safety seat market.

The market dazzling array of brands, people look dazzling, in the end how can we buy for the baby and good quality car child safety seats?

Buy the first condition: according to the car itself fixed interface

Optional car child safety seats must be informed of their own car interface model, to avoid the purchase of car children's safety seats can not be properly installed. Car children's safety seat interface are mainly ISOFIX and LATCH two, which LATCH interface is based on the ISOFIX interface, add a hook fixed point. So the LATCH interface can be used to configure the seat of the three fixed mode, and configure the ISOFIX interface seat can only use two fixed way, if the car seat without the above two interfaces, you can only use adult seat belt fixed mode.

Seat belt general purpose

This installation is more common, because the seat belt is the standard for all models, and ISOFIX interface and LATCH interface is not the domestic models are configured. Seat belt mounting can be compatible with the size of the type of child safety seats, can support the child seat in the direction of fixed / anti-fixed two forms. Here to say: 1 year old infants and young children's safety seats must be installed in reverse, and only in the back seat; 1 to 4 years old children, the safety seat is installed on the premise that the weight to meet more than 9kg, and can Sitting independently; children over 7 years old can use the increased cushion, with the use of adult seat belts.

ISO FIX interface type

ISO FIX is 1990 by the implementation of the implementation of the standards for children's seats, full name (International Standards Organization FIX) child safety seat fixing system, we see a lot of European models are standard (see the popularity of the domestic, this At the omission of 10,000 words Tucao), the introduction of this standard also unified a variety of fixed ways. ISO FIX interface position is generally in the back seat back bottom, you can see the ISO FIX logo, a seat with two interfaces. As long as the child seat with ISO FIX standard connector can be quickly installed, and do not need to use seat belts.

LATCH interface type

LATCH is called "Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children", which is a safety seat standard introduced in the United States in 2002. This interface uses a three-point fixed, two of which are underneath the seat, are common to ISO FIX, and the other is behind the seat headrest, while the SUV or MPV is in the back of the seat. ISOFIX interface of the child safety seats can be installed in the ISOFIX interface to provide the car can also be installed in the car to provide LATCH interface. The LATCH interface, child safety seats can only be installed in the LATCH interface to provide the car, can not be installed in the ISOFIX interface to provide the car.

Category buy: mainly based on the child's weight and height

The classification of safety seats is basically divided into (0,0, I, II, III total of 5 levels) according to the EU's certification standard, which indicates the weight and age range of the seat. But some of the safety seats for 1-2 levels, there are a small number of adjustable range of models can withstand a larger level of span. 0/0: for birth -13 kg, 0 / I level: for birth -18 kg (0-4 years), I level: 9-18 kg (9 months -4 years), I / II / Grade III: 9-36 kg (9 months to 12 years), II / III: 15-36 kg (4-12 years). Basically, the main reference for child safety seats is weight and height, and the age is for reference only. Mainly because the child is now very good nutrition, so many children are different degrees of height and weight, age reference lost meaning.

Backward child safety seat / basket

Within 1 year of age, height below 80 cm, 13 kilograms of infants and young children to use the basket-type safety seats, and must be installed in reverse. This is because the infant cervical spine, skull and other parts are very fragile, and the weight of the head almost 50% of body weight. If the car and the seat in the same direction to install, in the emergency braking when the child leaning forward, the center of gravity forward, the head forward movement, it is easy to hurt. So be sure to install the opposite direction of the seat, so that the same situation, the infants and young children will be forced by the inertia in the seat, then the seat can play a good role in setting off to ensure the safety of infants and young children The And from another point of view, the seat of the opposite direction of the installation is also more conducive to parents to take care of children.

Forward safety seat

Applicable to 1 to 4 years old children, weighing between 9 ~ 18kg. This stage of the child if you want the child ahead of the ride, then the first need to be sure that he has been able to sit independently, and the weight of more than 9kg.

Increase chair / increase pad

Applicable 4 to 12 years old child, weight 22kg-36kg, height 140cm or less. The seat belts in the vehicle are designed for adults and are only suitable for children weighing 140cm and weighing more than 36kg. For the height of the body is not yet sound development of children, if only the use of car seat belts, when the collision occurs, but will hurt the baby's fragile neck, simply do not get the safety function, this time to use the pad can be very good solve this problem. Of course, if your child does not meet the 22kg, this time you can use a higher seat, until the child to achieve the use of increased mat requirements, this time you can remove the back pad and increase the pad into the situation.

There are also some manufacturers who produce compatible safety seats for children between 1 and 12 years of age and weighing between 9 and 36 kg, but the disadvantage of this product is that children aged 1 and 12 are head The difference is quite large, so for the smaller baby is not too comfortable.

Whether the seat product is securely certified:

Foreign application of a wide range of certification standards ECE R44, FMVSS 213, ASTM, JISD0401, one of the most stringent is the European mandatory standard ECE R44. From July 1, 2012, China's formal implementation of the corresponding national standard "motor vehicle passenger restraint system" (GB 27887-2011) is also based on ECE R44 to develop, the purchase of European countries, the import of products can view its certification mark The

Here to say that in 2012 only issued the corresponding implementation of the standard, to date has not yet included mandatory regulations. Therefore, it is strongly urged that the standards for child safety seats be incorporated into the mandatory motor vehicle regulations.

Since September 2015, China's car children's safety seats will enter the era of 3C compulsory certification, not to obtain 3C certification and not marked 3C certification mark motor vehicle safety seats, will not be factory, sales, import or other Operating in the use of activities. 3C certification by the children's safety seat manufacturer, will be affixed on its products 3C logo, each "CCC" logo has a coding, each code has a corresponding manufacturers and products, certification mark distribution management center in the Issued, the code has been the corresponding product input to the computer database, consumers can be through the National Quality Certification Center for encoding inquiries.




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