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How to choose a child safety seat

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Children's safety seats are specifically designed for children of different age groups, different height and weight. They are completely different from the interior of the car. It is definitely not optional, and for different ages and height The selection and installation of infants and children, children's car safety seats also have different standards. If your family has children, you must use different safety seats depending on the child's different growth stages.

1, baby safety seat

Suitable baby: weight within 10 kg

Baby safety seats are facing the rear direction of the installation, the design principle is when the accident comes, the vast majority of the front from the front of the huge impact will be absorbed by the back of the chair. The rest of the small part of the impact will also act on the baby's relatively strong back, the possible damage to a minimum. The baby seat can adjust the base angle, adjust the base angle to 45 ° is the most secure and safe angle. If the seat is installed too flat, in the face of a huge burst of impact, the baby's fragile head may instantly forward, very insecure.

2, child safety seat

Suitable baby: weight in 10 ~ 18 kg or so

When the baby is about two years old, the weight will almost exceed the baby safety seat of the highest limit, then you need to change the baby with a baby safety seat. Child safety seat installation direction forward, if necessary, the bath towel stacked thin pillow, pad in the car seat in the baby seat position, as far as possible so that the baby feel wide field of vision, sitting comfort, rather than nest in the safety seat The

3, high seat

Suitable for the baby: the head has been higher than the child's special seat back or weight to 18 kg

Many parents think that after 4 years of age the baby can not use the safety seat, direct use of car seat belts can be, and this is not the case. As the baby body is shorter than adults, the sudden impact of the situation may make the safety belt to hurt the baby's waist or neck, serious damage to the internal organs and even lead to suffocation. There are two types of heightened seats: no back seat cushion and high back seat.




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